Dating Six Feet Apart

Life is pretty hard right now, and I imagine that dating must be hard too! I know it’s still possible to date but, it’s going to look a little different. Since I’m no longer single though, I texted a good friend of mine to find out what her dating situation is like and to understand some of the challenges.

Gone are the days of going out to dinner or grabbing a drink or a coffee to get to know someone. Instead, you may be doing more Facetime or video first dates. Some people may not like this option if they don’t like the way they look online but this may be what dating will look like for the rest of this year, at least, so might want to get used to this.

After you’ve gotten to know someone over the phone or video and realize you like them enough, you can meet up in person in a safe way.  Remember, however, that everyone’s comfort level is going to be different. It’s just a matter of communicating what would make each of you comfortable to meet in person.   

My friend has been doing a lot of FaceTime dates, but also asked if I had any ideas for 6 feet apart dates and it sounded like the perfect title for this post!

When I think about dates during a pandemic, I think of dates in open spaces and in the hours when there’s some sunlight out. I understand it’ll be a little more challenging to date in person but I do think it’s possible and have some ideas…

Date Idea #1: Parks – Each of you bring your own chair or picnic blanket, some coffee/tea/wine or a beverage of your choice and spend some time getting to know each other. Someone could bring a bluetooth speaker and play some music in the background. Talking about music or concerts could be an icebreaker!

Date Idea #2 – Play Tennis: Don’t know how? Even better! A lot of space between you and your date and it’s fun! I personally suck at tennis but can still enjoy it. Actually, my husband just bought a pickle ball set so we’ve been playing while our 3-year old daughter scooters around the court.

Date Idea #3 – Backyard/Frontyard Dates: After you’ve had a few dates and feel like this person is someone you enjoy spending time with, you may want to invite them over to your place. Show them around…through your windows! Just kidding. But you can create a more intimate setting for a date.

I think one big difference with dating at this time is that you really get a chance to get to know someone before any kind of physical intimacy is initiated. I’m not saying the physical connection isn’t important, it is, but I think connecting on an emotional level is even more important.

You’re building the anticipation of holding someone, or kissing someone, and that is powerful. The physical connection will feek so much more meaningful once you’re connected emotionally. I know that may sound old school but I really do believe it and you will too, once you experience it. 

I do think that a couple of calls (audio or video) are still necessary to get an idea of whether it’s someone you’d like to meet and to make sure that the person looks like the person in the picture! If you’re going to risk going out, it better be the person you expect to see!

This is new territory for everyone and everything from work, school, how we spend our time, and dating is just different now. I’m still hopeful that you could meet your someone in these unprecedented times…I’m an optimist, what can I say 😉

I hope these ideas are helpful! Do YOU have any date ideas that have worked for you during this time? Let us know!

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